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ILPD 2019

On the occasion of the international day of Lightpainting 2019 we finally decided to go back to where it all started, to the historic park of Monte Sole. In fact, our first "attempts" to approach lightpainting as a photographic group date back to several years ago when we organized our first photographic output at night in the historic park of Monte Sole, a place that houses the sad ruins of one of the most heinous Nazi massacres that our country has suffered. The first time we were not very lucky, in fact, at the fall of the evening we were surprised by a storm, and since then the idea of ​​"illuminating" the ruins of the historic park of Monte Sole has been shelved for various reasons. This until 16 May 2019, when thanks to the training required for the Bologna project: stories with a light of light, we were able to form two teams (the park in fact covers several hectares of mountain) and take advantage of the blue hour in at least two places simultaneously. Furthermore, this photographic output allowed us to pay homage to the memory of a friend of ours, Max Palmizzi, who died prematurely in 2013, to whom these places were particularly dear and who first put forward the idea of ​​taking night photos at the Monte Sole Historical Park.