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ILPD 2018

On the occasion of the international day of Lightpainting, which also represented the first time that we ventured into such a project, we thought that we should choose a particularly significant place for Bologna and for the Bolognese, which would make a little business card to the our photographic activities and internationally to our city.

The sanctuary of San Luca was an easy choice, almost obligatory, being known among the locals as the "lighthouse" of Bologna, that structure that can be seen from afar and when you return from a trip makes you understand that you have arrived home . In addition, the sanctuaries of San Luca boasts the longest portico in the world, passed to the headlines in these times to be the Italian candidacy for UNESCO heritage.

In addition, since 2006 the city of Bologna has been named a creative city of music by UNESCO, so we have tried to combine these two concepts in a series of lightpainting images that you can admire in this gallery.