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San Petronio Basilica

The Fabriceria di San Petronio saw its first official documents registered in the year 1389, even though the Bolognese families had already started to fantasize about their own church. San Petronio, in fact, is the church of the Bolognese, wanted by the people and the people the most loved and not for nothing that overlooking the central square of Bologna, Piazza Maggiore. The history of this immense Basilica is cloaked in legend and intrigue, just think that the original project wanted it three times larger than it is now and only countless intrigues of power between Church and politicians, as well as an incredible expense, have meant that this project did not see the light and handed over the largest unfinished church in the world. One of the greatest emotions of this project was being able to enter the completely empty and completely dark Basilica from the sacristy. You don't realize how immense it is until you have to give directions over 120 meters away and you find yourself having to invent walkie talkies to do it. It felt like living in a bubble, out of space and time and everything we had ever tried for other photos was suddenly too little for San Petronio.