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The little theater in Villa Mazzacorati

On the first outskirts of the city there is a beautiful, albeit neglected, villa in neoclassical style dated 1690, which belonged first to the Marescotti family and then to the more known Aldrovandi until reaching the nobles from which it takes the name with which we all know it: Villa Mazzacorati . Today it houses offices of the city health, but inside there is a theater of 1700 of incredible beauty: two orders of loggias richly supported by wonderful caryatids and a stage that has seen over time the most famous companies of what perform it became the Italian Theater. For us it was an evocative place where you can experiment with different instruments and where, thanks to the availability and courtesy of those who opened the doors, we were able to range from the loggias to the stage, inside and outside the stalls, fascinated by the glimpses offered by that architecture .