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Lightpainting Bologna was born from the experience of Associazione culturale during the work for the project Bologna: tales with a thread of light. The project stems from a collaboration with the Consulta tra le Antiche Istituzioni Bolognesi and with the association Succede solo a Bologna started in 2018.

The project, of which you can read the details here, allowed the photographers involved to experiment with multiple light painting techniques and to apply them in completely different environments, creating a very wide variety of images. The opportunity to have a lightpainting project to be carried out has also made it possible to bring to the attention of the public, in the context of ArtCity Bologna 2020, which included the final exhibition of the project, a photographic technique still little known as lightpainting. During the development of the project, we also found the interest of many photographers, often single individuals, to experiment with this technique without having a reference point. We then came up with the idea of ​​trying to create this reference point for anyone who has the curiosity to approach light painting.

Lightpainting Bologna therefore has the ambitious goal of promoting lightpainting as a photographic storytelling tool in and around Bologna, but also of proposing and seeking collaborations with local and international artists to create lightpainting projects that allow you to raise this technique on a par with others photographic techniques aimed at enhancing artistic expression.

New photographic projects will be periodically reported on this site and participation in related events will be publicized.

For any contact or project proposal you can contact us at