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Bologna: tales with a thread of light

An ongoing project to bring new visions in known places of Bologna

ILPD 2019

Lightpainting in Monte Sole, in occasion of the international lightpainting day.

ILPD 2018

Lightpainting under Bologna's porticoes, competing for the UNESCO heritage, in occasion of the international lightpainting day


How it all started

Lightpainting Bologna was born during the inspections carried out within the project "Bologna : stories with a thread of light". We realized that the space of a project could not by itself conclude the stories that we could tell in our city. Consequently, we wanted to create a container for all the stories that so far we have not yet been able to tell. Lightpainting Bologna aims to promote lightpainting as a photographic storytelling tool in and around Bologna, but also to propose and seek collaborations with local and international artists to create lightpainting projects that allow us to raise this technique to pair with other photographic techniques.

The backstage video of the project "Bologna: tales with a thread of light"

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The Team

Felicita Russo


Viola Corinaldesi