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Bologna: tales with a thread of light


lightpaintingbologna"Bologna: Tales with a thread of light" is a photographic project born, as sometimes happens, for a fortunate avalanche of encounters. Felicita Russo one evening proposes a different photographic output to her fellow amateurs of lightpainting photos. The curious group then goes to the beating heart of our beautiful Bologna, Piazza Maggiore where Neptune and the Basilica of San Petronio offer themselves as prestigious backdrops. It is an emotion, a magic, an exciting game to draw a trail in the air and from the different settings in the machines to obtain different unique images. photos taken that evening, with the beloved Basilica of San Petronio, they are seen in a curious word of mouth by those who care for San Petronio, open it to the public and work to show it to the Bolognese at their best. The lawyer Pagani is the curator of the Fabriceria di San Petronio, the ancient secular institution that aims to encourage cultural encounters by mediating the activities of the Basilica with the Curia. Not only that: the lawyer Pagani is also the Secretary of the Consulta tra le Antiche Istituzioni Bolognesi, of which Prof Roberto Corinaldesi is President and both immediately prove curious and enthusiastic about these photographs where the beautiful Basilica accompanies light designs, new in their kind. "Why don't you come take pictures inside San Petronio?". A unique emotion to enter the Bolognese church completely in the dark and silent, like in a bubble. That evening, between the cold and the emotion, we brought home some really interesting shots and understood that if we wanted to be serious we had to study well how to do it. Succede Solo a Bologna, cultural association of great prominence in Bologna for its incredible ability to revive magnificent forgotten places, adds to our project by offering us the opportunity to photograph in other incredible environments: the Conserva di Valverde, the Crypt of San Zama and not least the wonderful theater of Villa Mazzacorati. Other institutions see the photos taken and ask to host us for our curious photographic sessions and here we are, therefore, to combine these unique places with a magical light and try to tell them with an exhibition, after a year of photographs, which culminated in Arte Fiera 2020 weekend in Bologna.

Listed below are the various places we have visited and photographed. by clicking on the link you can discover, in addition to the photos, other interesting information. To see all the photos in a single gallery click here.

The very ancient and noble Military Company of the Lombards
San Petronio Basilica
Bagni di Mario
San Zama's Chript
Medical-Chirurgic society of Bologna
The little theater in Villa Mazzacorati
Institute for the blind Cavazza
The bolognese family
Commitee for Historical and Artistic Bologna
Basilica de Servi
Bridge of the blonde